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Could Malouda be on his way out in January as well?

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We already know that Nicolas Anelka will be heading to the far east (probably by flying west) in January. Alex is in all likelihood following him out the exit as well. Saloman Kalou hasn't featured regularly, and there has been speculation that we'd sell him while we can still get something for him in January. We can now add Florent Malouda to the list of potential January departures. After today's game Malouda spoke with French TV channel Canal Sport. He reportedly expressed some frustration with the amount of playing time he's been getting and hinted that he'd be open to a January departure.

There have been rumblings for a while that Florent may be on the outs at Chelsea, but this seems to be the first that either the player or the club have let slip about a possible mid-season departure. He obviously doesn't feature into the long term plan at the club, and with Juan Mata taking the majority of the minutes on the left wing it appears that increased playing time for Malouda is unlikely. We also know that AVB is still looking for reinforcements on the wings, so clearly he's not all that thrilled with the prospect of playing Malouda more. Malouda is under contract here for another 18 months, so Chelsea are not at risk of losing the player for nothing if they wait until summer. Largely because of this selling Malouda really only makes sense if we have a need for his roster spot. With Anelka and Alex potentially opening two in January, I'd assume it's fairly unlikely that we have that sort of need. This situation will be worth keeping our eyes on though, as obviously Malouda doesn't see his long term future here anymore. It's also likely that this comment won't endear Malouda to AVB and may well negatively affect his playing time.

As for where Malouda could end up there is clearly a bit of confusion. PSG would seem a logical fit with their money, ambition, current talent, and Malouda's nationality. The fact that Malouda is a part owner of Ligue 1 side Dijon probably ends any talk of that though, as there would be a pretty clear conflict of interest. Expect to hear Anzhi, Malaga, and Montreal mentioned in the coming days as all would seem logical fits. I suppose China or the Middle East would also be possibilities if Malouda simply wants to chase the money. We'll keep an eye on this and let you know as more becomes available, but for now just be aware it's a possibility.

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