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What do you want for Christmas? If it's Gary Cahill you may be in luck...

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It's about that time of year again. The transfer window officially opens in just over a week, and it appears we've identified at least one target whom we're more than passingly interested in. AVB has tried to downplay our interest in Gary Cahill and other targets at nearly every press conference he's had for the past several weeks. While he's acknowledged that he likes Cahill, he's generally reminded us that he's still a Bolton Wanderer. If Owen Coyle is to be believed (and I have no reason not to), Chelsea and Bolton have entered into negotiations for defender Gary Cahill. Some reports out of England have attributed the following quote to Coyle:

Regarding Gary Cahill, there has been dialogue between ourselves and Chelsea. He is a top player and is fully focussed on Bolton

I know Cahill is a pretty polarizing figure around these parts. Some feel that Cahill is utter crap and that he'd be of no use to Chelsea in any capacity. Some feel he's real class and would slot in next to John Terry nicely. Still others view him as a squad type player. Regardless of how you view him though, it appears that Chelsea have genuine interest in the defender to help round out the squad. I'd expect to hear quite a bit more about Cahill in the coming weeks if for no other reason than he fills a void and doesn't take much creativity to write about.

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