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David Luiz passes English test, UK media rejoices

It's fair to say David Luiz is an entertaining kid, on and, most definitely, off the pitch. If you're not following his Twitter account, you are doing yourself an extreme disservice. The Brazilian let all his followers know yesterday that he was prepping to take his English test on Friday.

ScreenHunter_01 Dec. 14 22.02

About 11 hours ago, Bob let us know that he had passed his test with flying colors. Awesome news no doubt. Also a good bit bizarre considering the Brazilian told us in his first tweet that the test was taking place on Friday. Today, as you know, is Wednesday.

Would you expect anything less from Bob? What I think is clear here is that the test was expedited because of the student's advanced learning curve. And because of his great hair.

ScreenHunter_02 Dec. 14 22.04

What I really want to know is: 1. How was his relationship with his English teacher and 2. What kind of off-the-wall shit his first full-on interview in the language will contain. I know that you, like me, can't wait for that to be released. Hopefully we'll have some video to accompany it.

Anyway, we'd like to send out some hearty congratulations to Bob for making mincemeat of this life hurdle. We're looking forward to year after year of classic commentary from the kid.

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