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AVB wants to join in during goal celebrations? Bitch please.

The Sun - more specifically, English media in general - is at it once again. Peep:

CHELSEA last night confirmed their players are under orders to involve Andre Villas-Boas in their goal celebrations.

No words needed. Just Dave Chappelle and a microphone. Skip to 1:20.

Come on, buddy.

So, AVB brings the motherfucking ruckus to your doorstep, and the only response you're able to conjure is this ridiculousness? I mean, you could have at least made your latest attempt to rile our camp somewhat believable. This is just laughable.

"The manager has asked the players to look across and recognise him and his staff on the bench after a goal," says their so-called Chelsea spokesman.

Bitch please.

Our leader's recent venom may be somewhat misguided, but his master plan is certainly showing signs of already having the desired effect. Deflecting criticism onto himself rather than the players? Us against the world? You know, we've been known to thrive under similar conditions.

Keep doing your thang, Sun. We love it.

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