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Happiness is a Loaded Poll - How Many Wins in the Next Three Do Chelsea Need?

10 days.

3 massive games.


Cue fancy promo reel.

Without a doubt, for better or worse, the next three matches will have tremendous bearing on the Chelsea season. Two crucial Premier League match-ups (away at Newcastle and home to Manchester City) sandwiched around hosting Valencia on a do-or-die Champions League Match-day #6.

Scary? Yes. It's no secret that the club is struggling, seemingly lost for confidence and I'm afraid the string of bad results/performances cannot continue without dire repercussions. Failing to qualify for the knockout rounds of the Champions League could only be upstaged by failing to qualify for the Champions League itself.

Exciting? Yes. It's a tailor-made opportunity to turn the season around, to stand up tall and proud, to shut up all the naysayers for a minute, and to provide some hope for the fickle mob/fans.

There will be plenty of discussion of these matches in the days to come...but for now I'm just interested in seeing what the WAGNH fan base thinks/expects. While winning all three would be a tall order even in the best of times, how many do you (realistically) feel that we have to win in order to ease the pressure on the team and the manager?

To keep the poll simple, draws are sort of ignored - deal with them however you'd like (i.e. if you're so inclined, a 0-0 draw v. Valencia could be considered a win since we would progress on the away goals rule).

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