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Rant Box: Bayer Leverkusen v. Chelsea

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Join in for a rant or two on all things Chelsea. Or just some witty banter. We're good at that.


Relive this moment, six times please

Team news forthcoming. And, if the Liverpool match wasn't a 'must win', then this surely has to be? For a ton of reasons.

Sidenote: Anelka has been told by the club that he can leave in January. Gutted.


Cech, Ivanovic, Luiz, Terry, Bosingwa, Ramires, Meireles, Lampard, Mata, Sturridge, Drogba.

Bench: Turnbull, Alex, Mikel, Malouda, McEachran, Torres, Kalou

Leno, Schwab, Friedrich, Omer Toprak, Kadlec, Castro, Rolfes, Bender, Ballack, Sam, Kiessling.

Bench: Giefer, Reinartz, Oczipka, Schurrle, Derdiyok, Jorgensen

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