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Ashley Cole Has Ankle Injury; Doubt For Wolves

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If you're wondering where Ashley Cole has gotten to with Jose Bosingwa named to the starting lineup against Bayer Leverkusen as a right back, Chelsea have got the news for you:

Ashley Cole has an ankle injury. He is rated as a 60 per cent chance to play against Wolves on Saturday. #CFC (SL)
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Considering the way Cole has been playing for most of the season I wouldn't be surprised if that ankle injury had been sustained over the summer. And that's only half-joking*. However poorly Cole's been playing, however, this isn't good news - dropping Ryan Bertrand straight into the fire because you're forced to isn't really the best way to introduce him to Premier League football.

*A Cole injury during the summer would explain both his terrible play and the out-of-nowhere Alvaro Pereira chase.

Also, remember when we had some Russian dude who could fill in at left back and left midfield? Good times.