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Wednesday morning discussion topic: Rank the importance of the 4 competitions we compete in

The Champions League has not been kind to the Premier League leaders...
The Champions League has not been kind to the Premier League leaders...

Today's game against Bayer Leverkusen is huge fr Chelsea...A win and we've all but mathematically won the group (and possibly Mathematically won it as well), a loss and we'll need a result against Valencia in two weeks just to advance beyond the group stage. We're not done chasing the Premier League title yet, but it's certainly a long shot at this point. We've seen AVB take the Carling Cup less seriously than most years in the past (with the exception of Ancelotti's final year in charge), and we've yet to see the approach to the FA Cup.

Manchester City have dominated domestically this year, but it appears they are going to be relegated to the Europa League at the first hurdle without a Mardona-like divine intervention. I've seen a fairly mixed reaction to this outcome among their fanbase, some clearly valuing the run in England highly enough that they don't seem to mind that they are likely to be knocked out of the Champions League and some feeling strongly of the opposite opinion. This got me thinking about the competitions and how I'd rank them in importance. I thought I'd pose the following question to the community today for discussion to see how Chelsea fans feel: How would you rank the 4 competitions we compete in in order of importance? Just for this discussion, try to forget about the fact that we still haven't won a Champions League in the Abramovich era.

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