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Piazon tweets he's been cleared to play for the Chels

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This kind of came out of nowhere, eh? If you follow Lucas Piazon's Twitter account - and, let's be clear, you should be - you would have found out earlier today that his transfer to Chelsea, somehow, someway is now apparently official, and the boy can start participating in matches of the not-so-friendly variety.


Awesome news. Granted the 17-year-old has been training with the club for months now, hopping a plane from Brazil in early September. However, it was understood that the move could not be made official until January - a date that coincides with Piazon's 18th birthday (20 January).

I guess, then, that that idea has been tossed in the waste basket. Hey, I'm not complaining. I'm looking forward to seeing this kid blossom as part of our youth system. Of course we're still awaiting official confirmation from the club on this - which we may never get in the form of a statement - but I guess we'll know when we see him banging in a few goals for the youth team in the coming weeks.

I, for one, cannot wait to see what the kid can do. Carefree, bitches.