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John Terry Under Police Investigation Over Racism Complaint

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I've been avoiding the John Terry racism talk because it's pretty hard to write about it in a neutral way - I don't know whether or not John Terry is a racist, and the fact that I don't believe he is seems more a product of the team I support than any actual evidence. That's what happens when incidents like this occur. Opinions are split along team lines rather than the facts, because nobody knows the facts.

Anyway, that little aside aside, it sounds like the story's getting a little more serious. After a preliminary round of questioning about Anton Ferdinand's racism complaint, the Metropolitan Police have decided to open up a full investigation, which will presumably run before the FA look into the matter. It's important to remember that this doesn't imply guilt in the least - it merely means that the police have deemed the issue serious enough to warrant further attention.

Terry, for his part, is adamant that he'll be cleared, and he has the club's full confidence in the matter. We can only hope that things get cleared up quickly and that the true picture comes out - it goes without saying that everyone would rather have the true story be that these claims are exaggerated. If they're not... well, we can burn that bridge when we come to it.


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