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Jamie Carragher, Professional Idiot

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When I was a kid, I was always told that it wasn't nice to bully people just because they were stupid. Fortunately, I'm not very nice, and Jamie Carragher is very loud. During a rant about how England coaches should be English (because otherwise it's like playing Gianluigi Buffon in goal, apparently*), Carragher then went on to pick on Chelsea for... something?

Look at Chelsea with a 33-year-old manager. In years gone by David Moyes would have got that position, or an up and coming manager who's done a great job but that doesn't happen anymore.

-Jamie Carragher. Source: Mail.

Andre Villas-Boas is... not an up-and-coming manager who's done a great job in previous appointments now? If English coaches were deserving of coaching big teams, the big teams would have hired them. The solution isn't protectionist, xenophobic waffle. It's about having better coaches, and it's hardly a surprise that a bunch of former players who think that passion and heart are the keys to winning football matches are barely competent managers.

Chelsea hired their new manager because he was the best man available to the club. That's all that matters, and all that should matter.

*Note to Carragher: Have you watched Buffon lately**?

**Note to self: Of course he hasn't. Juventus are a bunch of damn foreigners.

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