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Video: A visceral visual journey through today's match, as documented by Nic Cage

Today was, for the lack of a better, more elegant, phrase, fucking nuts. There are several moments in the video featured below the jump that mimic many of my initial reactions to some of the ridiculousness that took place in today's astonishing 5-3 loss to Arsenal.

An emotional man

To better help you understand where I'm coming from, I've created a mini-timeline below the series of moving pictures to give you some insight into what I'm talking about. The time given points to a moment in the video that best mimics my reaction to a particular moment from the match. Enjoy.

I also reckon the same exact soundtrack served as the backdrop to me losing my mind time and again this morning. Kind of uncanny.

As for the game, we can only hope such craziness never surfaces again. Pretty please.

@ :10: Daniel Sturridge fluffing a square ball, with an unmarked Fernando Torres waiting to pounce, inside five minutes.

@ :20: 30 minutes after full time.

@ :25: Allusion to full-on catharsis mode Halloween night.

@ :34: On 10 minutes after we'd wasted a good 13-14 chances to take the lead.

@ 1:04 - 1:10: Full time.

@ 1:20: The entire second half.

@ 1:38: Talking to Jose Bosingwa and Florent Malouda. Using my inside voice, obviously.

@ 1:47: The wretched Andres Santos scores.

@ 1:52: Theo fucking Walcott scores to give Arsenal the lead despite slipping, losing the ball and having three Chelsea defenders in a position around him to clear the danger incredibly easily.

@ 2:18: Deconstruction: Ten hours from now.

@ 2:25: Deconstruction: Twelve hours from now.

@ 3:10: Deconstruction: Twelve and a half hours from now.

@ 3:48: Devin's deconstruction. Currently happening.

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