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Chelsea Draw Liverpool In Carling Cup Quarterfinals

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The quarter-final draw for the Carling Cup has been announced, and Chelsea get old Carling Cup friends Liverpool in a home game at Stamford Bridge. It's obviously not the easiest draw in the world, but it's not the most difficult either with all of England's strongest teams still in the competition. Interesting, this means we'll be full of Liverpool on the schedule - the match will be played within two weeks of Chelsea's league match against the Reds on November 20th.

The other 'big' quarterfinal match is Arsenal vs. Manchester City, which will probably be a belter. Manchester United, of course, wind up with Crystal Palace in what looks like yet another easy draw. As a comparison, United have played Leeds, Aldershot Town and now Palace while Chelsea have had Fulham, Everton and now Liverpool. I don't think it's anything but sheer randomness at work here but still, it's some pretty annoying randomness.

Anyway, we can beat Liverpool, so let's beat Liverpool.

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