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Chelsea FC Transfer Rumours: Kevin De Bruyne Still For Sale, Say Genk

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There was no way Chelsea were going to be able to play against Genk in the UEFA Champions League without everyone getting all into the Kevin de Bruyne rumours again, and each manager is adding fuel to the fire by commenting on the 19-year-old winger, whom Chelsea reportedly just missed out on securing during the summer. Andre Villas-Boas admiring him is no surprise, and what Genk boss Mario Been said about de Bruyne really isn't any different.

I know that Kevin is a really great player and that Chelsea already talked about him. Chelsea look and want to buy all the big talents so, for me, it wouldn't be a surprise if Kevin went to Chelsea. Everyone's got his price.

-Mario Been. Source: Sky Sports.

Yep, shocker - Genk would sell de Bruyne to Chelsea if they paid enough money. How shocking is that? I mean, they did just sell their other top young player to Chelsea six months ago because the Blues paid them a lot of money, and absolutely nobody would be surprised to see de Bruyne bought in winter and then loaned back to Genk for a little while.

I guess the quote adds a little to the intrigue as far as the public is concerned, but realistically it doesn't change a thing. If Chelsea want de Bruyne badly enough to pay Genk's price, they'll get him at some point. If they don't, they won't. Still, this represents a good opportunity to see what the young man's all about. Maybe Petr Cech can let him score (assuming the game is in hand) and we see whether he celebrates or not. That'll show where his heart really lies. Right?

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