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Where Is Josh McEachran?

We here at We Ain't Got No History were all set to issue a missing persons alert for one Josh McEachran after he didn't even show up on the bench to play Everton. Was he injured? Had he been performing badly in training? Does he not get along with Andre Villas-Boas? The fact that we had the chance to send him off on loan but didn't meant he was supposed to be getting serious playing time, and, well, he hasn't yet.

Fortunately, we didn't have to look very hard to understand the situation, because the blog has received exclusive footage from Stamford Bridge revealing just why the manager didn't include him in the squad. And no, it's not because he stropped off to the dressing rooms when Frank Lampard started.

Silly Josh. Why did you hide in the basket? You missed a football game. But good news, we won anyway. And I wasn't going to play you.

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