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Chelsea FC Transfer Rumours: Andy Carroll To Liverpool - Torres To Chelsea Next?

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As you've probably heard, Newcastle United fended off a bid for striker Andy Carroll from Liverpool this morning, discouraging them from attempting further shenannigans by slapping a £35M price tag on the 21 year-old. Nobody could possibly have expected Liverpool to go so far as to meet that figure... but apparently, they have! Reports out of everywhere confirm that the Reds have made a £35M offer to the Magpies for Carroll, which, of course, means quite a lot for Chelsea.

Why? Because that £35M is going to be coming from us. Liverpool will essentially be buying Carroll with the Fernando Torres money sent from Stamford Bridge. Liverpool have zero need for Carroll if Torres is staying at the club, and no funds to buy him with anyway - this deal is a major, major indicator that the Torres deal will get done today. It seems like Liverpool have been spooked by Chelsea's approach for their superstar striker and are now making deals in something approaching blind panic - I really don't see how Carroll could possibly be worth £35M. If Chelsea manage to pry Torres away and force Liverpool to overspend on the ponytailed one... something that's looking more and more likely, I'd say that this has been a job pretty well done by Roman.

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