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Will it be Salomon Kalou or Nicolas Anelka leaving Chelsea to make way for Fernando Torres?

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There is a report going around on Twitter apparently from the horse's mouth, with Chelsea scout Lee Congerton being quoted as saying today that Chelsea's initial offer for Liverpool's Torres included Salomon Kalou as part exchange.

Even more interestingly, the Head of Senior Scouting for the Club has reportedly said that the next offer for Fernando Torres will be £45M plus Salomon Kalou or Nicolas Anelka.

From Liverpool's point of view, this would make sense. With time ticking quickly, it is highly unlikely that they would have time to accept the Torres bid and be in a position to spend the millions they acquire. More likely the transfer funds will act as a summer war chest for the Liverpool manager, whether that be Kenny Dalglish or a new face.

Having Torres replaced by Nicolas Anelka plus £45M to go along with new acquisition Luis Suarez would be a very good bit of business for Liverpool, given that their man has made it clear he views his future as being away from the Club.