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Chelsea FC Transfer Rumours: David Luiz Negotiations Called Off

I'm not exactly a master of Portuguese, but this stock market release from Benfica regarding stud defender David Luiz could be one of two things. Very good, or very bad:

A Sport Lisboa e Benfica – Futebol, SAD, em cumprimento do disposto no artigo 248º do Código dos Valores Mobiliários, informa que não chegou a acordo com o Chelsea Football Club para a transferência dos direitos desportivos e económicos do atleta David Luiz Moreira Marinho, encontrando-se neste momento o processo negocial encerrado.

Let's see what Google translate has to say:

The Sport Lisboa e Benfica - Futebol, SAD, in compliance with Article 248 of the Code Securities, said that has not reached [an] agreement with Chelsea Football Club for the transfer of the sports and economic rights for athlete David Luiz Moreira Marinho. The negotiations process is currently terminated.

Very bad! That's an official release from Benfica saying the negotiations are done, called off, and no deal for Luiz. At this point, I really doubt that things are recoverable at this point - which is a real shame because Luiz is an absolute superstar player, in my books (warning: I may be swayed by hair). If this does turn out to be the end of talks, this is a bitter, bitter disappointment, and talks over Fernando Torres don't help that at all. Last time I get excited about a transfer with Benfica.

I really, really hope we have some sort of backup plan to take care of central defence, because uh, we still don't have any depth there. There are a few options left for Chelsea to pursue - they have a known interest in Danish centre back Simon Kjaer and Athletico Madrid's Diego Godin - but Chelsea have very little time to work with right now. Incidentally, if Roman Abramovich has diverted funds from Luiz to make a playboy bid for Torres, which seems possible albeit insane, I may explode.

Not the way I wanted to wake up this morning. I'm going to hold onto the faint hope that this is posturing by Benfica and indicates a hard line being taken in deal, but that doesn't seem very likely at this point. The thing is, though, Benfica need the money and we need the player. Why is this being called off so late? Best stop talking like that, will get my hopes up...

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