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Chelsea FC Transfer Rumours: Another David Luiz Update

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This is a sick, sick compulsion of mine, reading into things in this transfer. I really should know better by now. Disclaimer aside, here's a statement from Benfica, courtesy of the BBC (who are calling the deal 'close'):

We have received an offer from Chelsea Football Club for the acquisition of the sporting and economic rights of David Luiz. A negotiation process between both parties is ongoing and the market will be informed when it is completed.

I do like the ring of 'when it is completed,' and this should put to rest the rumours that the talks have been blown up entirely. Luiz rather controversially played in a match for Benfica yesterday, risking an injury that might have destroyed the whole transfer. Fortunately, the defender only damaged his pride with a ludicrous penalty kick that may well still be rising. Although Luiz's inclusion in the squad for the match against Rio Ave was clearly a provocative move on Benfica's part, all signs suggest that the transfer's still very much in the works.

It would be nice if this could get wrapped up before June though.