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Chelsea FC Transfer Rumours: No Bid For Simon Kjaer, Says Agent

Staying at Wolfsburg: Simon Kjaer (right)
Staying at Wolfsburg: Simon Kjaer (right)

Despite several reports that Wolfsburg and Chelsea had agreed a fee for Danish centre-back Simon Kjaer, his agent has reportedly said that Chelsea haven't even engaged in talks with the Bundesliga side over his clients. The Kjaer rumour picked up steam this weekend, with several outlets citing a 'German source' claiming that a £12.5M transfer fee had been arranged for the pacey defender, and those reports may have influenced Benfica to come down off their £25M asking price for David Luiz, who is expected to join Chelsea within the next few days for a little over £21.5M. Was the talk of Kjaer just posturing on Chelsea's part?

We haven't heard anything from neither [sic] Wolfsburg nor Chelsea. We are concentrating on the fact that Simon is happy to play for Wolfsburg and has three-and-a-half years left on his contract.

-Mikkel Beck, Simon Kjaer's agent. Source: Sky Sports.

This looks like it completely blows up the German source's story regarding a fee agreement, although it's still possible that a deal between the club exists on principle without being formal, at which point Beck would have to get involved to negotiate personal terms with Chelsea. Assuming the Luiz deal does indeed go through, the Kjaer thing isn't much of an issue anyway - the proposed transfers are mutually exclusive. This is just a fascinating insight into just how strange transfer talk can get.

Kjaer, 21, is considered to be more of a physical destroyer than the comparatively elegant Luiz, and is one of the fastest central defenders in world football.

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