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Chelsea 2-1 Arsenal: FA Youth Cup Highlights

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You've read the report (I hope), and now it's time to watch the highlights of the Chelsea youth team victory over Arsenal's youngsters in their fourth round FA Youth Cup match:

BE AMAZED! as Billy Clifford somehow nods into his own net from a corner in the second minute while trying to duck out of the way! WATCH WITH GLEE! as Ignasi Miguel, Sead Hajrović, and Emilio Martinez stand around like buffoons while Blue hero Milan Lalkovic darts in to level the scores! FEEL THE JOY! as that same Lalkovic escapes from the defenders in the Arsenal box to slot home the winner, service provided by the effervesent Adam Nditi! LISTEN WITH DISDAIN! as the announcers struggle to find a phrase to celebrate a goal that isn't 'oh you beauty!' TREMBLE IN FEAR! as Chelsea wunderkid Josh McEachran pulls up limping in the one of the final frames of the video... wait, what?