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Lukaku to snub Chelsea?

Does the offer of Madrid was the favorite for you ahead of Inter and Chelsea?
Do not go into other things than football, that would correspond to speak to my father and my club, Anderlcht, but if I had my way I would go to Real Madrid is the team that flattered me.

That's translated to English from Spanish newspaper Mundo Deportivo.


Say it ain't so, Romelu.

Deportivo has a interview with young Romelu Lukaku. You know, the 17-year-old Anderlecht forward who has been discussed in detail here at The CO. He's the next Didier Drogba, ya know - or the closest thing we've seen to The Mighty One so far.

Chelsea has been tracking the kid for a couple of years. Hopefully, the above quotage is lost in translation.

Either way, this gives me the opportunity to post more insane video of Lukaku. Enjoy.

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