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MotM Poll: Manchester City 1-0 Chelsea

A forgettable day at Eastlands, not only for The Mighty One but the whole of Chelsea Football Club as well. Bah.


It was almost as if The Special One himself was commanding the City touchline. Countering? At home? Not even Jose would have the audacity to do that. Nevertheless, that was as physically astute a performance that has been played against Chelsea since Mourinho brought Internazionale to Stamford Bridge in March.

It really was an unbelievable defensive performance, particularly given that many in that City back four are not even first choice. Such is the glut of talent on the books in Manchester. Sickening, but nevertheless impressive. Not impressive was our hosts' choice to kick lumps out of us, though. Needless stuff - stuff we started to do as the match waned. Inexcusable.

Moving on. How many scoring chances did City produce? Perhaps the more relevant question is, how many did we create? More than the hosts, but certainly nothing of note aside from Bane's header onto the post. Thought we were supremely comfortable until the goal, when we kind of went off the boil. Disappointing to say the least.

What's worse? We've failed the first real test, as so many put it. And, in the process, we've given the entire world - the entire Premier League - a reason to suggest we are indeed not as good as we had claimed to be.

More on the game later. For now, let me know who was the man of the match. I haven't a clue to be honest.

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