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Mind Games: Roberto, Fergie take aim at the Chels

"Chelsea are the best team in the Premier League at the moment. They are probably going to win the Premier League title easily. They are a strong team, who have been playing together for many years. They have a fantastic manager and they have worked to reach this situation."
-Manchester City manager Roberto Mancini

Really? Why thank you, Roberto.

You alright, man?

Roberto tries to get on the act that the man across the street has perfected over the past 24 years. Not the greatest attempt, but I'll give the City boss some credit for taking a chance. Perhaps he's got a few quid on us winning the league? I wouldn't bet against that ...

King Carlo responded to Mancini's remarks, well, in his usual carefree style.

"I think it is not a mind game, I know him very well, for this reason he knows us very well, he knows our ability, and I think that's what he thinks. It is not dangerous for us."

What more would you expect? The man personifies cool.

On to the next one. Of course, Sir Alex wasn't about to be left out of the latest Chelsea love fest.

"It's quite an amazing start to the season. I think Chelsea chose the fixture list themselves. They finished last season scoring a lot of goals against weaker teams and have continued that way. You still have to beat those teams but Chelsea have done that in quite a strong fashion and anyone who wins the league will have to finish above them."

Oh, Fergie. The king of manipulation takes a subtle swipe at the league leaders in today's Daily Mail. Not surprising. At least he was kind enough to state that you've got to win those games. Cannot wait for December 18. Christmas is coming early.

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