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Video: Hey Carlo, while your in the market for new players ...

Why not wrap up a deal for Romelu Lukaku before the end of the summer?


Pictured above, in our latest home shirt during a tour of the CFC facilities earlier this year, Lukaku should be among Chelsea's priority signings in the (very) near future. Lukaku, 17, simply put, is the ideal replacement for Didier Drogba.

Sure, the Mighty One is far from on the wane. In fact, I expect more of the same pillaging this season as we saw last term from our favorite drama queen. However, that does not mean the club should not forge head with an arrangement for Drogba's successor. Do it.

Lukaku is unlikely to move to London this summer, I know. His father, a former player himself, is adamant on his son finishing school. And I applaud that. But why not tie up his signature now, allow him to remain at his club, Anderlecht, for this season - perhaps even longer if need be - and the proceed to reap the benefits. The kid is too talented to pass on.

Unaware of Lukaku? Here's what you need to know. He's a cool 6-foot-3, with Congolese power to match. He scored 15 goals in 34 appearances last season. At 16 years of age. Yes, 16.

Peep the moving pictures below of Lukaku's latest exploits - a marvelous double in Anderlecht's Champions League qualifier second leg against The New Saints on Tuesday. Fantastic stuff.

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