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The CO Fantasy League: Week 2 review

Week 2 of the Chelsea Offside Fantasy Premier League wrapped Monday or Tuesday - Yahoo! experienced some technical difficulties, delaying tabulation of our precious points. Bastards.

We waited. And once the results were in, one team came from nowhere to rest atop the table. That team was Cech The Rhyme. The Chelsea Offside is so proud.

corneliusGareth Bale, fantasy monster.

Yes, The CO's entry collected 132.50 points on Matchday dos, leaping 10 places to first following a truly appalling debut week. Sound work in the transfer market paid off for The CO. New signings Dimitar Berbatov and Paul Scholes combined for 33.50 points - Gareth Bale's week total. Retaining the Spurs fullback, then, represented our finest business.

Alexandria FC (169.50 points), first after the opening round, fell to second - nothing drastic. kc OneFC (164.50) remained third while HungDrogMillionaire (160.50) rounded out the top four. HungDrog rose nine spots in the table. Well done, sir.

Ph0BoLuS (157.50) is fifth for the second consecutive week. Deking (143.50) fell from fourth to sixth. Greensboro United (143.00) holds the final European place. PTFC (63) got off the mark following a doughnut in the opening round.

Good luck to everyone in Week 3. KTBFFH

Table (in full)
1. Cech The Rhyme 178.50
2. Alexandria FC 169.50
3. kc_OneFC 164.50
4. HungDrogMillionaire 160.50
5. Ph0BoLuS 157.50
6. Deking 143.50
7. Greensboro United 143.00
8. Malouda's Kaloudin' 141.00
9. State Side 135.50
10. Inoshi Squad 134.50
11. KTBFFH-IC 130.00
12. Sulistio Football Club 118.50
13. Vf Verbatum 114.00
14. PTFC 63.00

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