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Who Is The Cuddliest Manager Of Them All?

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There's been far too much seriousness going on in these parts, and we can't be having that. Please, therefore, allow me to present the managers of the Premier League in their natural form - as teddy bears.

Arsene-bear does not look impressed.

Aston Villa's Kevin MacDonald, on the other hand, looks like he was born for the sole purpose of having his face superimposed onto a teddy bear.

Alex McLeish is an early leader for the 'most disturbing bear of all' award. As the manager of Birmingham City, is anyone surprised?

He's quickly deposed by Blackburn boss Big Sam-bear, who looks as though he thinks children are a tasty treat.

Blackpool's Ian-bear would like to wish you a happy birthday! Whether it's your birthday or not.

Owen Coyle's looks aren't terribly improved by being fuzzier and rounder. Perhaps if the Bolton gaffer looked less like a squirrel...

Awwww! Carlo-bear!

Everton's Moyes-bear is a close contender to Carlo's cute-throne.

Mark-bear is taking things far too seriously. I know you're the Fulham boss and all, but you can still smile sometimes.

Meanwhile Woy-bear looks traumatised. Is Anfield that bad?

City's Mancini-bear, on the other hand, looks quite cultured. And comfortable in a scarf, of course.

Sir Alex Ferguson shows his true colours.

Newcastle's Hughton-bear is alert and ready for the season.

Nobody even wants to buy Stoke's Pullis-bear. Poor guy.

I don't know what Steve-Bruce-bear is thinking either.

Spurs boss Harry-bear is a whole lot of teddy bear.

Roberto di Matteo is adorable in any form.

Wheras Roberto Martinez might want to stick to being human.

Mick-bear would probably be better suited as Mick-giraffe...

...and Avram-bear is the very stuff of nightmares.

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