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Um, ****: Joorabchian owns stake in Ramires

Wave 'em if you got 'em.


It looks like those of you who were rubbishing the idea of Chelsea pursuing Benfica and Brazil midfielder Ramires may be getting your wish. It was unveiled today that Ramires, 23, is not solely owned by the reigning Portugese champions.

You've heard of this guy, too. Kia Joorabchian - the widely hated man responsible for the Carlos Tevez-Javier Mascherano saga - purchased a 50 percent stake in the player in June. Or at least the general public became aware of Joorabchian's ownership in June. The slimy Iranian founder of the corrupt Media Sports Investments paid some €6 million for his stake.

The deal is reportedly part of an agreement reached with Benfica president Luís Filipe Vieira at the time of Ramires's transfer to the Portugese club from Cruzeiro. Apparently Benfica did not have enough money to fund the transfer of Ramires to the club, so instead went the extremely shady - and vile - route of subsidizing the move by involving the Joorabchian bastard. Nice work, guys.

And that's not it. Agent Pini Zahavi apparently is also a private investor in the kid, owning a further 30 percent of his rights. That leaves a measly 20 percent for Benfica. So, if the number being throw around is correct, €20m, they will see just €4m of the transfer if it in fact does happen.

Which, for me, seems not walk in the park.


The Premier League transfer policy was widely reworked following the nonsense that was Tevez and Mascherano. What does that mean? This Ramires transfer will be blocked if there is even the smallest question of third-party ownership.

Yeah, I'd say that's going to be a problem. A problem that should be sorted before the end of this week at least.

Is Khedira still available?

Sidenote: Regarding human rights. Six million euros and you can buy half a man. What kind of ******* world do we live in?

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