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Carvalho would 'swim' to Real Madrid

It appears that another cornerstone of the Roman Abramovich era is preparing to move on.


Quoted from Spanish daily AS:
"If there was a possibility to sign with Real Madrid, I would go there right now swimming or running," Carvalho said. "Chelsea have a commitment with me to let me go this summer, for reasons which those responsible at the club and I know. It would be a dream to be able to play for Madrid, which for me is the best club in the world, and to do so under the orders of the best coach in the history of football.

"With Mourinho I experienced two marvellous periods at Porto and Chelsea. To have the opportunity to win another Champions League with him at Real Madrid would be something tremendous.

"I find myself in the best moment of my career, because physically I am at the top and moreover I have a great experience. I spent six spectacular years at Chelsea and I had the opportunity to experience a glorious period of this club, but I repeat that to sign for Madrid would be a dream.

"I'm very grateful to Roman Abramovich for signing me and making me part of the Chelsea project for six years. He was a very important person for English football and Chelsea, who became one of the best teams in the world."

Thoughts: So, the transformation continues. More on this as it becomes available. I really wasn't ready to do a tribute to Ricky just yet. Kind of sad this news if it's true - I'm afraid it is.

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