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Say it ain't so: Cheryl Cole files for divorce from Ashley

No. NO. What a sad, sad day for Chelsea Offside.

Cheryl Cole has finally had enough folks. Today, Mrs. Ashley Cole filed for divorce from her man, the world's finest left fullback - and perhaps the world's second or third greatest footballing philanderer. More significantly, at least for us here at the CO, no more scantily clad galleries of Mrs. Cole. Tear.

Cheryl is apparently seeking no financial compensation from Ashley - that's a shock - and simply wants what the Guardian calls a "quickie" divorce. They reckon the whole thing could be done and dusted by the time Ashley takes the field for England's first match of the World Cup on June 12.

How this will effect Ashley remains to be seen. I remember reading somewhere that one of his many mistresses said Ashley had confided to her that he would "die" if Cheryl ever left him. S***, I hope that is not the case. I mean, Yuri is good but still.

Reports have Cheryl moving on rather quickly. Supposedly she's making a move for Will.I.Am. Yes, you read that correctly. She's gotta feeling, eh? Bad joke.

This guy? Really?

Bah. Instead of dwelling on the inevitable, though, let's take a look back. A look at back when these two kids were blissfully in love. *Sheds more tears*

The infamous lottery shoot.


Hugged up.


Wedding day.


P.S. Cheryl, my number is 276-4....

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