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Foot injury to derail Terry's World Cup dream? (updated)

That appears to be the case. At least if you believe the early reports.

Brave John Terry sustained an injury to his foot in training today ahead of Saturday's FA Cup final at Wembley against Portsmouth. Initial reports said he was "rushed" to hospital, but I'm now reading that he left Cobham frolicking about in a protective boot for what was described as a precautionary scan.

Does this suggest it's nothing more than a tweak or something similar? Who knows.


From the official website:

John Terry has today taken a knock in training and has gone to hospital for a precautionary scan on his right foot.

If the injury proves to be serious, it would the third consecutive World Cup in which a major player in the England set up has crumbled shortly before the competition - following Beckham (2002) and Rooney (2006). Sure, both of those figures eventually did play in the WC; neither was 100 percent, however.

He left Cobham walking freely in a protective boot, and we await the results which are expected on Thursday.

How the Guardian's Fiver reacted to the news of Terry's injury: "Random words currently floating around the Fiver's head? Wayne, Bridge, England, World, Cup, better and off."

Random words currently floating around the Chelsea Offside's head? I, don't and agree.

UPDATE: Sky Sports, who were once reporting a possible broken metatarsal, now are suggesting that Chelsea, through their PR, have said that scans revealed no break and that the club are hoping Terry can play this weekend in the FA Cup final. Superb news, then - if it is in fact true.

UPDATE 2: Terry released a statement yesterday playing down any fears he may miss the FA Cup final much less the World Cup.

Today, we have even more from the Chelsea captain. From the official website:

'Daniel Sturridge fell awkwardly on me and my foot was caught underneath me,' explains our number 26.
'At the time I thought I had done something serious. I came straight in and saw the doctor and said I need a scan because it was aching and throbbing a bit. But I have no break, no ligament damage, so fortunately everything is okay.'

Needless to say, if the manager was to ask Terry if he was thinking of not play this weekend, there would only be one answer.

'No, no chance,' explained Terry. 'If the manager asked me I would say no because Riccy [Carvalho] has only really just returned, me and Alex are the available centre-halves at the minute. I trained today and I'll train at Wembley tomorrow.

'It has been totally quiet this week. The reserves were off, the youth team were off and we were the only ones knocking around the building,' he reported, 'but as far as the players are concerned it is a normal week for us, now we're ready to go on Saturday.

'Winning the League is really good but to win the Double as well, we'll go down in the club's history.'

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