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Mancrush: Andrey Arshavin

I loathe Arsenal (shocking, I know). What many of you might not know is that I heart Andrey Arshavin. So , so dreamy.

Footballing genius? Check. Boyish charm? Oh yeah. Philosopher, humanitarian, owner of legendary blog? Yes, to all three. Well, at least the third one. Let's face it, the Russian demigod should be wearing blue. Alas, it's not to be.

I guess we'll just have to settle for reading his magnificent web site. I must confess I've been following it since his legendary "100 questions for Andrey Arshavin" post. If you haven't been there, do be sure to check it out soon. You will not be disappointed. Just today he added another Q&A to the site - and this thing, it's safe to say, is priceless. Check after the jump for the choice cuts.

2. From rada
Dear Andrey Arshavin, I want to say that you are the one who revived Russian football! Who of the legendary footballers can you compare yourself with?
Andrey Arshavin is one of a kind.

6. From IFFA
Andrey, I’ve recently read a book ”The Last Fight”, it’s about football players during the Second World War. They came to play against the best German squad at the full stadium of besieged Kiev and won, some of them were shot for that afterwards, but at the same time, it really helped people of this city to believe in the victory. What do you think, whether the present footballers are capable of doing something as heroic as that?
I think there is no answer to this question. No one can tell how people would behave in this situation. One can say whatever he wants but only the situation can show what it would be like and the way people would react.

Zen master.

9. From korvin
Andrey, hello. Tell me, who do you think you really are? A footballer? A writer? A hero? A promoter? Or maybe you just love money? It’s OK if you do. Well, I guess you won’t tell the truth anyway. It’s pity that you are not sincere. Yours faithfully, Alexander.
I am an engineer of manufactured garments by education, and a footballer by vocation. I told the truth.

10. From Abkbggjdf
Hello, Andrey! Let me ask - how do you feel about being a footballer with the largest number of women admirers in Russia?
Have you counted them? If so, I’m fine with it ;)

13. From Demi
Andrey, Are you afraid of the darkness? Thank you, you're great.
Yes, I am.

16. From katrin4u
This will be my third attempt to ask you a question, perhaps, I’ll get an answer to this one.
Andrey, what do you think, being a fool is an inborn or an acquired quality? :)
I do not think that God creates people to be fools, so most likely they become fools on their own.

17. From saharOK
Hi , Andrey! I have a question. You know that many girls love to play football, but when they reach a certain age they find it difficult to take a ball on their chest, what would be your advice???
It is better to have a big chest than an ability to stop the ball with it ;)

18. From lerik
Andrey, what girls do you like more:
1) wearing heels and skirts or
2) wearing sneakers and jeans?
Thanks in advance for your reply! :)
It’s difficult to spoil a good body with clothes.

God bless this man.

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