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Deco wants to return to Brazil. Fine by me.

Likely will not be missed.

The aging, diminutive midfielder known as Deco is ready to go home. Home is Brazil, though the 32-year-old holds Portugese citizenship and opts to represent Portugal on an international level. Figure that one out.

"I want to go back to Brazil," the midfielder told the Sun. "I still have a couple of good years of high-level football in me but I want to be near my kids.

"Ideally I'd like to go after the World Cup and I've been talking to Chelsea about it. It will all depend on Chelsea – if the club release me or let me go on loan. I'm not going to rush to choose a new club but it's time to get back."

Let's be real, the current prince of the five o'clock shadow should have flew home two years ago.

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