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Poll: What to do with Cashley?

Last week, Chelsea chief executive Ron Gourlay held a 10-minute meeting with the players, in the presence of manager Carlo Ancelotti, who also spoke, regarding recent player behavior and future consequences of such.

Gourlay, who was speaking on behalf of the Romes, reminded the players of their responsibility to protect the image of the club and warned of 'severe disciplinary consequences' should any player decide to go the way of Brave John Terry -- or most recently, and most consistently, Ashley Cole.

"Now they know what they have to do and what behaviour is expected of them when they're in a Chelsea shirt," Ancelotti said afterward.

Too bad some didn't know what was expected beforehand. More depressing news on the Cashley front has surfaced, with the leftback now under severe criticism, likely from the club itself, for trying to cover up an apparent affair while in the United States for Chelsea's preseason tour.

Steve Atkins, Chelsea’s head of communications, was swindled by Cole into advising the woman, Ann Corbitt, on how to keep the story out of the newspapers in a series of e-mails, details of which were published yesterday. The board has given its full backing to Atkins because it believes he acted in good faith.

Sorry for the language, but what a dumb motherf*****. There's no other way to describe him in the wake of this nonsense. There's no more defending this man, not from me or the club apparently.

Gourlay is expected to meet with this week. Next, on the back of the player behavior meeting, I would expect to club to act swiftly and strongly. How strongly? Well, that's up in the air. Fine? Most definitely. Suspension? Maybe. I've even read that Roman may consider transfer listing the England international. Not entirely bogus considering he did sent Jose Mourinho packing despite all he did for the club. One thing we do know is Cheryl is had enough; it looks as if she has finally ended their marriage -- by text, no less. You go, girl!

What do you think will happen? Let me know.

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