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Kaka to Join Chelsea From Real Madrid?

At least he looks friendly.
At least he looks friendly.

Brazilian midfielder Kaka is heading to Stamford Bridge to join Chelsea at some point this year, says a report from Football Italia, citing agent Ernesto Bronzetti. Inter Milan had reportedly been preparing a bid for the Real Madrid playmaker, but will apparently be thwarted in their pursuit:

I would say that there is a 90 per cent chance that Kaka will go to Chelsea at the end of the season for a fee of around €50M.

-Ernesto Bronzetti

It sounds plausible on the face of it - Carlo Ancelotti has worked extensively with Kaka during his time at AC Milan and Chelsea are fond of making huge splashes on big-name players. They also require a dynamic midfield playmaker, and Kaka certainly fits the bill. However, Chelsea's recent forays into the transfer market have focused on young rising players rather than established, expensive stars.

It seems highly unlikely to me that the powers that be at Chelsea will have totally forgotten the mistake they made with Andriy Shevchenko in buying based on name power alone. Kaka is a top, top player, but he turns 29 this season and apparently wouldn't be joining the team until summer, so he's hardly the first choice to replace our aging core. There's also a fundamental economic inefficiency at work in buying world superstars - they cost too much for what they give you thanks to the brand they've built up for themselves through years of great play. At best, a player like Kaka will be worth what you paid him. At worst, a team will be getting all of that money and lighting it on fire. AC Milan bought him seven years ago for about £7M and sold him to Madrid for ten times as much. Who do you think got the better deal?

I don't think this will play out, and I really would rather it didn't, as much fun as Kaka is to watch. We have major problems in defence, midfield, and attack, and putting all of our eggs in one basket isn't the best strategy in the world. Go after the Neymars, the Romelu Lukakus, the David Luizes of the world. Let's avoid the big-name trap, please.

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