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Join In: The great CFC acronym game

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Yesterday was kinda slow on the Twitter. Thankfully, was not in a uninspired mood.

Quite Uninspiring And Rather Erratic Since Moving Abroad

They asked followers to take the name of a person associated with the club - player, coach, legend, etc. - and extend each letter to create a meaning. Basically, an acronym.

For example, I was awarded an honorable mention in the contest for my work with the Gene Hackman. Peep.

Scolari - Sadly Couldn't Organize Lavish And Renowned Individuals

Not bad, right? Here are a few of the choice cuts; there were quite a few.

  • Van Aanholt - Very Awesome Name, And A Nice Honest Old Leftback Trainee
  • Lampard - Leisurely Autumn Might Produce Amazingly Productive December
  • Robben - Regularly Out But Bloody Exciting Nonetheless
  • Carlo - Can Agree Ray Left Office
  • Mutu - Major Urine Test Underachiever

Bloody hilarious. Now, I want hear from you guys. I know you have some brilliance lurking in there somewhere. Let it out.

The CO will pick a winner from the responses, and then honor them in the ancient manner - with a hearty congratulations. So, get to work., if you aren't aware, is a superb online conglomerate focusing on our beloved football club. If you're not following them, start. Now. Seriously, they have it all. Check them out ASAP.