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Hey, it's Christmas: What did you get?

Tis the season for giving. No doubt about it.

The Chelsea Offside enjoyed its time helping out at a local Salvation Army. We enjoyed it right up until we were ever so politely booted from the premises for jostling with some older gentleman who bore a strong resemblance to Arsene Wenger. He kept mumbling something about Pascal Cygan. We simply couldn't take anymore. Apologies.

Moving on.

Sure, giving is a central part of the Christmas spirit. I love it. But that's not to say there isn't something über awesome about ripping open a package with your own name on it. I'm sure you're the same way.

So, was St. Nick kind to ya?

Gift I.
What I refer to as the Brave John Terry.
Received: No
Reaction: Damn!


Gift II.
The Branislav Ivanovic third shirt, 2010-11. Forged out of teflon, like the man himself.
Received: Yes.
Reaction: Fuck yes.

Bane shirt comes complete with austere look

All right, guys. Let us know how Christmas was for you. We trust you had more luck in receiving the Brave John Terry than we did. KTBFFH

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