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Potential transfer target: Cristian Nazarit

Every once in a while, I hear Chelsea connected with a player that makes me say "Who?".  Cristian Nazarit was one of those guys.  Starting Monday I saw a few articles in which his name appeared as a one sentence afterthought towards the bottom, and they all seemed to indicate he'd cost between 1-1.5 million pounds.  For a club like Chelsea, that seems a drop in the bucket.  With the way we've been targeting young players in recent windows, a 20 year old striker seems to make sense.  When I found and article linking him to both ourselves and Real Madrid, I decided that Nazarit was due some deeper investigation.

Background information was a little difficult to find on Nazarit.  When searching for him via wikipedia, I quickly learned that his full name is Cristian Nazarit Truque, but that is unfortunately the only item listed on his page at all.  A quick scan of Youtube came next, and that was far more helpful.  This little beauty caught my eye right away:

Two things became glaringly obvious after watching this extremely long shot go in the goal.

1) I need to do a little more looking in to young Mr. Nazarit

2) Golazo is a fantastic word.  We really need to incorporate it into the English language

I went searching for a little background information on Nazarit.  He was born on August 18th of 1990, making him currently 20 years of age.  If we acquired him, he'd qualify as an under 21 player for both the remainder of this season and next year.  He's 6 feet tall, and he favors his right foot.  He's played as a center forward, lone striker, supporting striker, and right wing for his club Indepediente Santa Fe.  He also recently made his debut for the Colombian senior national team, and looks to be a regular fixture going forward.

Beyond basic info on the player, most of what I was able to find was written in spanish, as the Colombian league doesn't receive too much attention from the english speaking media.  One word kept popping up in every report I found on Nazarit however, so I decided to look it up.

rápido m (feminine rápidamasculine plural rápidosfeminine plural rápidas)

  1. fast
  2. Nazarit seems to be well know for his blazing speed and tremendous balance.  Many of the links to Chelsea that I saw labeled him as "the next Samuel Eto'o" or something along those lines.  Others I've seen his physical attributes compared to include Gabriel Agbonlahor and Obafemi Martins.  Anyone described as having that type of speed deserves some serious investigation, as those may be three of the fastest players in the game today.  I decided to go hunting for archived Independiente games, and sure enough Nazarit appears to be a real lightning bolt on the pitch.  While I can't embed most of the streams I manged to find, here's another beauty from Youtube:

    You can also see his speed on display here, as he goes from a standstill to blow by a running defender and nab a rebound goal:

    While my poor grasp of the spanish language doesn't really allow me access to loads of information on Nazarit, the little I've found has been impressive.  If the rumored price is to be believed, I hope we don't wait and get this kid to London.  There are always questions about how players will adapt to the English game, but this kid has the kind of physical tools necessary to be a star if he adapts.

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