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Other Teams - Who Else Do You Follow?

Despite the Chelsea match today being postponed, I still dragged myself out of bed to watch some football. I'm getting into the Serie A this year after years of totally ignoring it, and I find myself falling in with Napoli, who are about the most stressful good team I've ever seen. Today, playing one of the worst teams in the league, they waited until the 93rd minute to net the winner and move to within three points at the top of the table - a goal made even more ridiculously exciting by the fact that about twenty seconds earlier Lecce had a goalbound shot cleared off the line.

It's kind of nice following a non-Chelsea team - I'm interested in how they do but not so involved in a match that my insides turn into paste and I'm reduced to some piteous combination of morose drinking and incandescent fury when they lose at home to Sunderland. So my question to everyone is this: Who else do you follow, and how much do you care?

I've adopted Napoli in Serie A, and just about follow the Seattle Sounders in MLS, but I won't exactly be throwing oranges at my TV if I see them doing badly.

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