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Chelsea vs. Manchester United Postponed Due to Heavy Snow

Although Stamford Bridge does have an undersoil heating system, London's a bit of a mess right now, and so the game against Manchester United on Sunday has been postponed 'for security reasons'. It's actually a bit strange that they're announced this already, since it's currently Saturday, not Sunday and the Chelsea/Fulham area itself hasn't really been hit that hard. However, I'm not too upset by the postponement - Chelsea are still in a low and United are on a high, and so there's probably a better time to be playing against them. I don't think anyone has any idea when the match will be moved to, and it's going to be pretty interesting to try to fit it in later given the amount of fixture congestion in both teams' schedules.

I also suspect there's some cosmic force at work just determined to keep Frank Lampard from starting another match. Ever. Look for the next game to be postponed with drought, and possibly pestilence.

There's a complete list of postponements after the jump.

Arsenal vs. Stoke City
Birmingham City vs. Newcastle
Wigan Athletic vs. Aston Villa
Liverpool vs. Fulham
Blackpool vs. Tottenham Hotspur
West Bromwich Albion vs. Wolverhampton
Chelsea vs. Manchester United

Areas of the UK are under up to two feet of snow, which is really annoying because it never snowed that much when I was a kid.

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