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Carlo Speaks: Lampard still out (shocking)

Sir Frank finds himself on the outside once again, this time for our biggest match to date. Hey, at least it looks like he's finally fit.

Carlo's presser was the standard shit, save for the fact that he looks so much more weathered than he did just two months ago. Go back and look at some of press conferences from earlier in the season. Not only does he look older, but, is it me or does he seem resigned? Not good.

Peep this line when speaking on whether of not we can use the Tottenham gave as a springboard back from futility: "I don't know if it's possible ..."

Well, that feels me with all kind of confidence, Carlo. Thanks.

Again, the big news is that Lampard continues to be unavailable. He should feature in the reserves on Thursday, and be ready to go for United. KTBFFH

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