Wilson On Chelsea


Jonathan Wilson on about Chelsea's current problems. I just don't understand the big to-do. Chelsea's thin. Surprise, they've been for a couple of years now. Chelsea's old-ish? Another shock. When healthy (and not picking up red cards) they have the best squad, one through 13-14, in the league. Just my opinion, of course. That's not to say they will win, should win, or are the favorites to take the title. I picked United because of their depth, but it won't be a shock (or surprise) if the Blues repeat. In short: Why are people so shocked that depth, particularly in midfield, is a problem? It's a weakness but not a revelation. When Lampard and Essien comeback (and Chelsea resumes winning), are people going to say their performances are overshadowing the club's structural problems? I think almost every point Wilson makes is a good one. The anecdotes are informative. The conclusions are solid. This isn't about him. It's more about the a narrative that's bundling an array of issues and presenting them as if they're news. But it's not like Chelsea didn't just win the title with 75-90% of the same issues. One of the things I like about SBN is that there are forums like these where I can go and just ... vent. Thanks for indulging me.