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Rant Box: Chelsea v. Fulham

An outbreak at the Bridge? Nah.

Members of the CFC medical staff ahead of today's match.

The West London Derby beckons in SW6. It's a must-win.

So, yes, I've lifted my self-imposed ban from the site following the weekend's misery. That, my friends, was a difficult pill to swallow. Here's to hoping that today represents a cathartic experience - for me and you both.

The Mighty One will start, despite suffering from malaria for the past several week. Malaria? Say that again. Carlo reckons he's over it, but I'm not sold. If I recall, there is no 100 percent effective vaccine for the disease. It could linger then for weeks, months even. Worrying.

Then again, Didier is no ordinary human. The man shunned the mosquito for days all on his own. Monster.

Moving on. Rotation necessary, but, with injuries continuing to surface, we're unlikely to see widespread change. Bison must return in light of the way our midfield stumbled at Anfield.

Projected XI


Chelsea all-time v. Fulham = 40 wins, 9 defeats, 21 draws; 117 goals scored, 66 conceded

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