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Caption This! Frolicking about ...

An old friend made his way back to Cobham this afternoon. It was like he never left.

Ray Ray certainly was glad to see his old crony.

See you guys at Heaven.

Make your contributions, people. Then read a portion of El jefe Hiddink's interview with the club website after the jump.

Guus, everybody seems delighted to see you here today...
It is a nice experience to feel welcome but I didn't have any doubts about that because I've had a wonderful time here with the people inside this building and the stadium, so I felt warmly appreciated and welcomed by everyone.

Does it seem like almost 18 months since you left?
When I left? No it doesn't seem like that because first of all I have of course my new job but I still follow the performances every weekend when it is possible. Wherever I am I still have my access to Chelsea. I enjoy it and I'm very impressed also by the way they've performed this year, and last year, it is very stable and it's good to see.

Watching the side win the Double last year must have made you proud, having left the side on a high in May 2009?
Yes, I cannot speak about myself but what I tried to do in that time was to stabilise the performances, it was up and down, good and bad, but I tried to do it in a short time to make a competitive team, which Chelsea should be, and I'm proud of that and that we achieved what we did.

Through circumstances everyone knows we didn't go to the final of the Champions League, but the team did a great job in those months we were working here, just one defeat against Tottenham.
Now there are lots of good results and a positive way of play. I'm happy to see it's going on with the influence of Carlo and Ray. I'm not the person to talk about my period but if it stabilised the side for last season then I'm very proud.

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