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Interactive Formation Charts 2.0

I've made a few advances since the last graph I put out, and thought I'd share. Below is the formation chart for last season's game at Villa Park, a 2-1 loss thanks to headers from Richard Dunne and James Collins, ruling out a Didier Drogba strike and then some:

Figure 1: Aston Villa vs. Chelsea formations, 10/17/09. Data from Guardian and ESPN. Powered by Tableau.

Note that my conventions have the home team attacking up while the away team always attacks downwards. I hope you've all noticed the little radio buttons listed next to 'State' - they can toggle between 'typical' positions as well as home/away attacks. I've included them so you can see how players match up against each other, as well as getting a good idea of areas of the pitch that are overwhelmed. Hopefully it's a useful feature - remember to mouseover the player numbers for names, statistics, etc.

Let me know what still needs tweaking. I really would like to find out how to manipulate the players' colours a little bit better, but that's a fairly minor issue.

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