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I hate you, NewsNow

No. I do not really loathe NewsNow. In fact, I love it. So love it - like totally.

I'm assuming most of you have, at this point in your lives, made the move to NN. If not, do it. Now. The website has become the definitive hub for me, aside from this fine blog obviously, regarding Chelsea Football Club.

However, the bastard can lead you astray from time to time. Today, my friends, was one of those times.

Samsonite? I was way off.

So I visit this afternoon, as I usually do, to get my daily CFC fix in one convenient place. I first browse the top stories of the past 24 hours to see what's cooking, and, to my dismay, the consensus No. 1 was drenched in awfulness.

Cruciate injury ends Terry season
BBC Sport 06:09

Wait, what? WHAT?! I could not believe my eyes.

I thought it was his back that had ruled our captain out of tomorrow's Euro qualifier. Now we have news of a season-ending knee injury? Devastating.

I click over to read the sadness in its full unrelenting glory. What do I find? Word that Doncaster midfielder Paul Terry, EBJT's older brother, has been hit with the dreaded diagnosis. Cue massive sigh of relief. No disrespect to Paul, of course, we wish him the best in his recovery.

Lesson? Don't be as gullible as I. That is all. KTBFFH

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