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John Terry: Seriously, WTF

I hope you've seen/read about the scandal that surfaced Friday surrounding our captain John Terry. If not, hit the links here and here. I'm not really prepared to discuss/debate the subject at the moment. Lets be real, though, there's not much to say.

Another Dad of the Year award in 2010? Unlikely.

However, I will say this...

John Terry, the player, is enjoying one of his finest seasons -- as far as I'm concerned. John Terry, the man, meanwhile, is about to enter potentially the most difficult period of his life.

Furthermore (in bullet form) ...

  • The wife of an ex-club teammate, current England teammate? Appalling.
  • And, as a writer: How about the ramifications for English media law? It's a major win in my view. Hopefully this means English law, notoriously media-unfriendly, now will allow some real investigative reporting. Hallelujah holla back.

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