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Awards Pt. 2: Game of the Season

Champions League quarterfinal, first leg - April, 8, 2009
Liverpool 1, Chelsea 3
Honorable mention:
CL quarterfinal second leg - Chelsea 4, Liverpool 4

My God. This game is significant on so many levels.

It was really the catalyst for what turned out to be a fantastic season in my eyes. Sure, we didn't win the Premier League nor did we make the Champions League final (not our doing as you know), but we looked headed for midtable mediocrity in winter. Seriously.

This match not only returned Chelsea to the forefront of world football -- where it belongs -- but solidified Guus Hiddink as a true miracle worker. Sure, we were getting results under Hiddink but nothing to the extent that made you say, well we're back.

Then came this. An imperious display, full of attacking splendor. Yes, attacking splendor at Anfield. It never seemed possible did it?

I'm never confident going to Anfield, that's just me. But, I must say, I wasn't really nervy this time around, either. Yet, to think we could absolutely slosh a side the likes of Liverpool -- a team in fine form up to that point? At Anfield? Crazy talk, my friends.

But here I stand a corrected man after a surreal performance that cemented Hiddink's legacy at Chelsea.

Here it is, my friends. Sit back and revel. I've throw in the second leg as well for archival purposes.

Liverpool 1, Chelsea 3

Chelsea 4, Liverpool 4

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