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Bison wants pay raise. Give it to him.

And then there was news out of left field.

Today, Michael Essien's agent, Fabien Piveteau, was quoted as saying the Bison may be up for a move away from Stamford Bridge.

"Some clubs are interested in Michael," Piveteau said. "He likes Chelsea very much but football is football and if Real Madrid, Barcelona or some other club make an offer, he needs to sit down and discuss what is best for him."

Really? I kind of remember Essien saying he wanted to close out his career in London not too long ago.

Perhaps this is a bit of sly bargaining on the part of Piveteau. But, to throw a wrench in that theory, Essien signed a new five-year deal last season. Then again, maybe he's seeing all these mega-deals surfacing and wants a piece of the action.

If that's the case, then give this man whatever he wants. He's only the best midfielder in the world.

Do it, Romes.

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