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And the award for worst piece of journalism...

... of the year goes to Rod Liddle of the Times! Congrats guy!

The so-called journalist's latest drivel attempts -- emphasis on attempts -- to drive a stake through Chelsea supporters' hearts with a blend of humor, sarcasm and downright hatred. It's a fairly poor attempt to be fair -- no, actually this is ghastly.


And before you chime in, I realize this in an Op piece. So? This is me expressing my opinion. Furthermore, shouldn't this guy at least be able to write an article with substance? This thing is basically nothing. Seriously, a nothing piece.

Here's are some excerpts, but be sure to click the link above so you can truly get the whole picture.

"I do not mean you should feel sorry for them over Didier Drogba’s suspension for four Champions League games. The punishment seemed to me bizarrely lenient, and the club is pushing its luck with an appeal. But then, my punishment would have been to hang Drogba by his toes from a high-tension power cable while spraying him with water, just to be sure."
-Wow. Just wow.

"The list of players who have decided against a move to west London is long and a little humiliating. No Kaka, no David Villa, no Ronaldinho, no Andrea Pirlo, no Steven Gerrard. Even Robinho preferred the dubious, perennially underachieving madhouse of Middle Eastlands. The refrain has been the same each time, stolen from Elvis Costello: I don’t want to go to Chelsea."
-Do you actually do research or just pose as a respected journalist, Rod? You can sit there and honestly tell me Robinho chose City over Chelsea? Riiiiiiight. And Pirlo just stated he wouldn't be opposed to a move to London.

"Right now they are in pursuit of the CSKA Moscow forward Yuri Zhirkov, which, on account of the way his surname is pronounced, is good news for those of us with a puerile sense of humour and a deep dislike of Chelsea. Perhaps they could find a Spanish player called, say, Roberto Tossa to partner him up front. That would keep me in stitches for a good few months."
-Seriously? You've got to do the elementary school thing? And, again, with regard to Zhirkov, research Rob, research! A quick google is all it takes.

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